Spider Veins & Angiomas

Spider Veins & Angiomas

Long-Pulsed YAG Laser for Spider Vein & Angiomas Treatment
Spider veins are very tiny veins that appear as thin, squiggly lines just under the skin. They are most common on the legs and face and most commonly affect women. Spider veins are a condition that is caused by blood vessels that twist and turn. 
This device delivers laser energy using long pulses. The laser is like a pencil point that traces the vein as it zaps it. The pulses raise the temperature of the tissue, which in turn will affect the vascular lesion. A YAG device will be passed over the targeted vein during your treatment. Light from the device will be focused on the vein. It will close and disappear after the vein is heated and damaged due to scar tissue. Patients well tolerate these laser treatments.  
The best time for leg veins is in fall, winter, and spring when you are less inclined to wear shorts or be exposed to the sun.

Long-Pulsed YAG Laser for Angiomas

Angiomas can be removed very effectively with Nd:YAG laser treatments. By zapping it with concentrated laser energy, the Angioma is able to absorb the wavelengths, creating heat and damaging the blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin. The number of treatments you need will largely depend on the size of the spot.
The laser is completely painless, causing only a gentle warming sensation, and there is no downtime so that you can get right back to your normal routine immediately after treatment. New angiomas may still appear, but these can be removed just as quickly.
The Long-Pulsed YAG Laser is among the many treatments we offer here at B Beautiful Med Spa. To schedule a Nd:YAG laser treatment consultation or appointment, contact B Beautiful today. You can call us at (949) 600-8280 or book an appointment on our website to learn more about our services.


The Nd:YAG laser emits a near-infrared wavelength readily absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin in the skin.  
Depending on the depth of the treatment, you may see results after a few days, or it can take a few months for you to see improvements. Depending on the area being treated for the best results, you may require three to five treatments to treat veins.  
The treated area should be protected from trauma for the first four to five days following treatment: no hot baths, no aerobic exercise, no massage, etc. You should also protect the areas that were treated from the sun for at least one month after the treatment by using high-factor sunblock (30–50 SPF).
Facial veins might have minor swelling or bruise for a week or more. Leg veins may have bruising, discoloration, and welting over the treatment sites. Larger veins. It may appear bruised for weeks or months. Plan and schedule your treatment accordingly, allowing for healing time and time for your results to evolve to completion.
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