IPL Treatments

IPL Treatments

Intense pulsed light, or IPL, has proven to effectively treat many skin conditions, such as vascular lesions, acne, pigmented lesions, and photodamage. IPL devices emit broad-spectrum pulses of light that are uniquely suited to addressing problematic tissue areas. Light energy causes a targeted tissue to be destroyed or photothermolyzed, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. IPL is a quick, painless procedure that requires little to no recovery time. Face, hands, neck, and chest are among the areas where IPL Photorejuvenation may be used.

The following benefits are associated with IPL treatments:

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IPL is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the texture of the skin through intense pulsed light.
In IPL therapy, different wavelengths are used to treat skin pigmentation and vascular or vein changes in the skin. The light waves will pass through the epidermis to reach the targeted lesion, regardless of whether it is pigmented or vascular.
White and tanned skin is the most effective for IPL. This type of treatment would be appropriate for those with blotchy, discolored, or sun-damaged skin. IPL treatments can also be beneficial for those suffering from rosacea.
It may take 2-4 sessions to achieve the desired results, although some results may be noticed after the first session.
Results of IPL treatments typically last six months, up to a year. Maintenance IPL treatments should be performed every six to 12 months to help prolong your results.
Your skin may appear sunburned after treatment due to mild scabbing. This will not interfere with your daily activities. Once the treatment has been completed, you can return to your normal activities. If you use light makeup after your treatment, make sure to do so gently in order to avoid irritating your skin.
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