A double chin — clinically referred to as submental fullness — is common in men and women of all ages and can be caused by genetics, weight gain, and the natural aging process.
While this excess fat is difficult to target through diet and exercise, B Beautiful Med Spa offers Kybella® injectable treatments to patients who want a non-surgical and long-lasting option to refine their profile and chin contour.
Kybella® is an FDA-approved injectable treatment used to improve the appearance of moderate to severe submental fullness — fat deposits below the chin. Kybella® is a synthesized deoxycholic acid, a compound naturally produced in the human body that aids in breaking down and absorbing dietary fat. 
Like its natural counterpart, Kybella® targets and destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin. Once eliminated, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatments are not expected. The number of injections and treatments will vary depending on the level of rejuvenation you need and your desired aesthetic goals. One treatment consists of two vials.


Kybella consists of a deoxycholic acid that breaks down fat cells to prevent them from holding the substance. It destroys the walls of your cells when injected under your chin, and all those pesky lipids are gone for good!

The best candidates for Kybella are typically adult women and men in reasonably good overall health who are experiencing excess fat accumulation around their upper necks and under their chins.  

It takes about five minutes for the numbing process to begin before the injections are given, and the injections last between 15-20 minutes in total due to how quickly they occur.

Upon completing the entire course of treatments, you will start to see noticeable results four to six weeks after your injections.

Typically, Kybella treatments take between three to six sessions, spaced approximately four to eight weeks apart.

Yes, Kybella injections permanently remove all the fat cells in your double chin.

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