Cancellation Policy

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To avoid late cancellation fees, please call (949) 600-8280 or email AT LEAST 24 hours before your appointment. A failure to cancel 24 hours prior will result in a $35 fee that will be added to your next appointment. A NO SHOW fee is $75 for each missed appointment.

Prepaid clients with package deals who are no shows or have late cancellations will automatically be deducted the cancellation fee from the package balance, or forgo one treatment session.


We ask that clients please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we may start your service on time. A late arrival may reduce your appointment time out of respect to the clients scheduled after you. We will make every effort to accommodate your full appointment, but this is not always possible based on our schedule.


As a courtesy to our clients, we will place a confirmation call 24-48 hours prior to the scheduled service. Should the appointment reminder system fail to reach you for any reason and you do not receive an appointment reminder, it is still your responsibility to manage your appointment and adhere to the cancellation policy.


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