A Complete Guide to Carbon Laser Facial Before Going for It

A Complete Guide to Carbon Laser Facial Before Going for It | B Beautiful Med Spa

There are a lot of facials being offered by skincare clinics and aesthetic centers to its customers, with different facials covering different aspects of skin issues. There is a facial dedicated to getting rid of extreme oiliness on your face, along with blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities clogging your pores. A facial also works perfectly on acne scars, whitening, brightening, and overall skin rejuvenation. It is true to say that there is a facial treatment for every skincare need.

One of those facials is the Carbon Laser Facial. Since it mentions the word laser in the name of the treatment, some people are already wary about its side effects. Thankfully, many people are starting to notice the positive effects that this facial has brought to them, and many doctors are recommending it to others, too. What is the Carbon Laser Facial? What sets it apart from the other facials? We will learn more about that here.

Carbon Laser Facial Explained

As previously mentioned, Carbon Laser Facial is composed of carbon dioxide laser treatment. Carbon dioxide lasers are strong and effective tools in attaining your skincare goals without leaving negative side effects.

Traditional Carbon Lasers

Carbon laser was originally used for medical applications that aim to cut or remove tissues from the body. It includes broad spectrum absorbers, such as water, alcohols, alkanes, etc., which leaves a cutting window for surgeons before operating on a patient’s affected area.

Carbon Lasers’ Effects Outweigh Their Drawbacks

Carbon lasers were also recognized for their skin rejuvenation properties, apart from cutting through certain parts inside someone’s body. A study has shown that Carbon lasers effectively rejuvenate the skin, specifically on its vascular and pigmentation properties. Carbon lasers can also aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is still a pretty strong facial treatment to be taken especially if you are doing this for the first time. It would be best to consult your doctor first before signing up for Carbon Laser Facial sessions for your best interests.

How Carbon Laser Facials Work

Carbon Laser Facials work is the simplest explanation that you will hear, especially after reading the Carbon lasers’ properties. Carbon laser facials would require you to lie down while your face is targeted with Carbon dioxide lasers intended to trim down blemishes and wrinkles in your skin. Carbon laser facials also rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen production.

This revitalizing treatment could be done in about 30 minutes, depending on your problem area’s big or small. Your doctor will determine what level of Carbon Laser Facial should be given to you for maximum results without causing any harm or side effects in its course of treatment. Your doctor may even give you certain medications like antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, moisturizers, and sunscreens to be used after your Carbon Laser Facial treatment.

Carbon Laser Facials Can Be Effective And Safe When Done Properly

As Carbon laser facials have been said to be effective in skin rejuvenation, you can expect that it may also take a toll on your pocket. Carbon Laser Facials are known for providing the best results among all other procedures and treatments in the aesthetics industry; however, this is not without any drawbacks.

Carbon Laser Facial sessions don’t come cheap and may cause side effects like redness and swelling of the treated area due to its invasive nature. Carbon lasers will require some time before they can heal the affected area, depending upon how big or small it is; however, most Carbon Laser Facials would heal in about a week.

Carbon Laser Facials may cause some skin peeling after the treatment, but new skin cells are expected to grow within this period. Carbon laser facials are safe if highly experienced medical practitioners do them with Carbon lasers of suitable wavelengths, power levels, energy density levels, and fluences for particular treatments.

The Carbon laser facial is an upcoming trendsetter among aestheticians because of its fast efficacy and positive effects without any side effects that could harm their client’s health. Carbon laser facial treatments can aid in providing your skin with rejuvenating properties while tightening your skin’s surface to minimize the appearance of wrinkles on your face.

Carbon Laser Facial prices vary according to the country and the experience of your doctor. Carbon laser facial prices could range from $500 to $1000, depending on how extensive the Carbon Laser Facial treatment will be for you.

Still, it would be best to consult first with your doctor before you go for Carbon Laser Facials; keep in mind that Carbon lasers are pretty strong pieces of equipment and may cause complications to you if not done properly by a certified aesthetic specialist or doctor.

Carbon Laser Facial FAQs

Q: Where can I get Carbon Laser Facials?

A: Carbon facial treatments may only be given by licensed professionals or medical doctors, so CO2 laser facelift costs become more expensive as there is no such thing as cheap Carbon facelift treatments. Carbon laser facials are only offered by dermatology clinics, plastic surgery centers, and private medical practices. Carbon laser treatments are also available in spas under the Carbon skin resurfacing names.

Q: How much is Carbon Laser Facial?

A: Carbon facial prices or costs range from $500 to $1000 or more depending on the extent of treatment given to your face. Carbon facelift prices are best explained once you have consulted with your doctor about this particular aesthetic treatment procedure.

Carbon Laser Facial cost may vary depending on where you get it done; since Carbon Face Lift treatments are usually done in clinics, expect that there would be additional charges for consultation fees too if ever needed. You can ask B Beautiful Med Spa for more information about Carbon Laser Facial prices.

Q: What does Carbon Laser Facial consist of?

A: Carbon Laser Facials usually involve Carbon facial treatments as a whole, as they will help improve your skin’s health and complexion. Carbon facelift consists of Carbon facelift treatments, Carbon Skin Resurfacing, Carbon Dermabrasion, Carbon peel, Carbon ECM Face Lift, and other Carbon facial therapies that would help you attain a younger-looking skin with a glowing complexion that is without any scars or blemishes.

Is This Procedure For You?

Knowing how strong carbon lasers can be, it is understandable to ask if this procedure is the right one for you. If you are looking for a procedure that will help tighten your skin, even out your skin tone and texture, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and other fine lines, and reduce pore size without any downtime to show for it, then this treatment may be perfect for you. Carbon laser treatments can target these areas where collagen buildup has occurred, causing visible signs of aging like wrinkling or creasing on your face. People can also use it to treat acne scars, dark spots, liver spots, sun damage, and other skin blemishes.

Carbon laser facial treatments are extremely suitable for those people who have these problems on their face: fine lines or wrinkles that seem to be etched deep into the surface of your face, creases caused by dryness around your mouth or eyes, sagging skin on your chin area due to loss of elasticity in the lower part of your face which causes your skin to droop down adding years onto your age. If you suffer from conditions like hypothyroidism where collagen metabolism is disrupted, then Carbon Facial prices will come in handy as treatment with carbon lasers work best for this.

Final Thoughts

Carbon Laser Facials are indeed very effective for achieving overall skin rejuvenation. However, the Carbon Laser Facial cost is something that you should consider first before undergoing this procedure. Apart from that, carbon lasers are strong, and your skin might not handle them, so as a precautionary measure, always consult your doctor about it. They can develop a treatment plan that will surely help you adjust to the treatments.

B Beautiful Med Spa offers Carbon Laser Facials done by licensed and registered experts, so you don’t have to worry about being safe under their care. They also offer other treatments and services that aim to make you look good and feel good from head to toe. Be confidently beautiful with B Beautiful Med Spa, as they put the B in Best.


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