Dermal Fillers: What to Know Before You Try

Dermal Fillers What to Know Before You Try

Some of us like to do a little sprucing up of ourselves. The problem is that the need to look a little more ‘natural’ while doing it comes with age. When was the last time you checked into dermal fillers? If you haven’t, it may be time. Before you start playing with hyaluronic acid and […]

Botox: Usage, Efficacy, Cost, and More

Botox Usage, Efficacy, Cost, and More

Signs of aging are hard to combat. Luckily there is an excellent and easy cosmetic procedure to help fight away early aging. Botox is a miracle procedure that can help fight the signs of aging and other problems like migraines and excessive sweating! Not only that, it can give you a rejuvenated and youthful-looking face […]

What Causes Varicose or Spider Veins?

What Causes Varicose or Spider Veins

It’s every woman’s dream to wear a pair of shorts or a skirt without having to worry about unsightly varicose veins. But for many of us, that dream remains like a dream. Aside from losing self-confidence over your appearance, you can also get uncomfortable symptoms like aching, throbbing, and heaviness in your legs. The million-dollar […]

Why Everyone Needs an IPL Treatment

Why Everyone Needs an IPL Treatment

Laser treatments are not just for celebrities anymore! Only famous people could afford laser treatments because they were exclusive and expensive. Nowadays, technology has evolved, and IPL treatments are more accessible than ever. One of the reasons people love it is that it delivers and exceeds expectations when it comes to its benefits. IPL treatments […]

What is Kybella, and Is It Safe?


It has been quite a struggle for most people, especially those who work hard in achieving a healthy and fit body, to have fat deposits in places known to fitness enthusiasts as hard places to shed the fat away, such as under the neck and chin. Double chins are hated among men and women because […]

Erbium Yag Laser – An Overview About Its Procedure and Its Benefits

Erbium Yag Laser - An Overview About Its Procedure and Its Benefits

Laser therapy has always been a great way to address many skincare concerns, from scarring to skin rejuvenation. Back then, lasers were seen as dangerous, and while that is still true, the type of laser dermatologists use for their patients is approved by the health authorities. One of the most popular laser treatments is the […]

What are the Benefits of a Carbon Laser Facial?

Carbon laser facials

There are many different types of facials offering specific help to several skin imperfections. You can get one for your acne and scarring needs, and there is also a facial dedicated to unclogging your pores and getting rid of the gunk you have accumulated from layers of makeup, sweat, grime, and dirt from your everyday […]

All You Need To Know About PiXel8-RF

PiXel8 RF | Bbeautiful Med spa

As medical aesthetics introduces many beauty treatments for most people who want to feel confident in their skin, PiXel8-RF has paved its way to merge all of the newest and most exciting technologies related to radio frequencies and micro-needling. For those people who want their skin to look young without dealing with the hassles of […]

A Complete Guide to Carbon Laser Facial Before Going for It

A Complete Guide to Carbon Laser Facial Before Going for It | B Beautiful Med Spa

There are a lot of facials being offered by skincare clinics and aesthetic centers to its customers, with different facials covering different aspects of skin issues. There is a facial dedicated to getting rid of extreme oiliness on your face, along with blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities clogging your pores. A facial also works perfectly […]